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The Thriving Creative

Jul 28, 2020

Do you ever get caught up in the trap of learning and mastering something new that you never actually get started? As an entrepreneur and a creative, it can be super easy to stall out in perfectionism because you feel like you’re not qualified. In this episode, I invited DIY guru, Cara Newhart to tell her story of failing forward into the business of her dreams. Cara shares that even with a degree in business and art, her biggest breakthroughs resulted when her first business flopped. 

Cara also shares what tips she has for getting started in creating a space you love. Be sure to check out her wall-papered refrigerator (you heard me!) and the plans she has for you to make an entryway bench for $12. So grab your earbuds, and maybe a drill or paintbrush because you’re going to be inspired to DIY BIG to create a home you love!


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