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The Thriving Creative

Mar 31, 2020

Raise your hand if your kids have caught the entrepreneurial bug from you! Was it a lemonade stand? Dog-walking service? My kids have definitely tried out a few ventures, but their most recent one was selling...are your ready for it? Crystals-AKA the white sparkly rocks we find on our neighborhood walks. And as precious as these “rocks” were to my kids, they made a few blunders in the process of developing their strategy to market and sell their product. I share this story on the show today because I see many creatives struggling with the same sorts of challenges when it comes to deciding what you are going to sell! 


Perhaps you are just in the beginning stages of building your business. Or maybe you were a brick and mortar business and now you have to shift to the online space. Or maybe you have a great product, but you just need to figure out how to make consistent income selling that thing. Wherever you are in your business journey, I have some practical steps for you to take to identify the unstoppable offer you need to create for your people!