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The Thriving Creative

May 26, 2020

For our guest today, gratitude is more than a part of her morning ritual. It’s a value that drives everything she creates in her business. Marilyn De la Hoz is the owner of With Love Studio, where she specializes in creating branded apparel and client gifts to ensure your client experience is unforgettable. Marilyn helps you break out of the virtual world and a bunch of sales automations to say “thank you” for working with you! 

In our conversation, Marilyn shares how she finds ways to nurture her creative side and stay present with her busy kiddos without totally burning out. She’s okay with giving herself extra grace when she falls short as a mom or with her business goals. Her girls will only be little for a season, so she doesn’t mind being needed by them in big ways. Marilyn also shares how you can use her thank you and welcome boxes to surprise and delight your customers. She even shares tips on how you can stop getting lost in the shuffle of typical marketing tactics. If you can’t describe your customer experience, chances are you need Marilyn’s products in your life!

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