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The Thriving Creative

Jun 27, 2019

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our guest, Naomi Gottlieb-Miller. Naomi's passion is helping busy, overwhelmed moms learn how to take better care of themselves so they can rewrite the story of what healthy motherhood looks and feels like to them.

Naomi talks on the podcast about the journey of self-care and...

Jun 23, 2019

Have you heard the saying ‘the riches are in the niches? Today on the podcast we are going to answer the question ‘do we need to niche to be successful in business’? And if niching down is the answer for your business - do you need to niche like every else is doing or is there another way?

Jun 20, 2019

Today we are so lucky to have Lee Chaix McDonough on the podcast. Lee is a certified coach, therapist, and founder of Caravel Coaching. After over a decade as a licensed clinical social worker and public health professional, Lee entered the coaching field to help spiritually-oriented entrepreneurs grow successful...

Jun 18, 2019

Energy. We all have different types of energies at any one time from creative energy to mental energy to physical energy - and more! Having an energy check-in process as well as an energy fill-up process is an important ritual to having an aligned and happy life and business.  

Today on the podcast I talk about how to...

Jun 13, 2019

On today’s podcast, I talk with the inspiring Jessica Stansberry. Jessica describes herself as a no-nonsense business coach with a little bit of southern charm. If you don’t already know Jessica, she is a content marketing strategist for rockstar business owners who are ready to up-level and start using content to...